If you like 'Whose Line', then you are going to LOVE these guys!!!
"It's a live show that walks the high-energy tightrope of unscripted comedy that involves the audience members like no other. The result is an adrenaline pumping performance where anything goes, and usually does."

There's a reason theaters book Isaacs & Baker year after year, and resorts feature them weekly for months at a time. It's the same reason that there have been fans who have come to see them eight or nine times. New York's own Al Isaacs and Scott Baker are not just comics they are two of the quickest thinking entertainers around today. By getting the audience involved with all aspects of the show they make a theater filled with strangers feel like a living room with close friends! Everything from audience members shouting out suggestions, providing sound effects, or even playing a role right along on stage! Best of all it's all in the name of fun without embarrassing or insulting any of the participants. It's a unique interactive experience NOBODY will soon forget!

Al and Scott have spent years honing their craft and the result is a one of a kind experience that has audiences cheering. Their material is not only flexible to be age appropriate to the room, from family friendly to a 'late night edge', but can be customized for corporate or private shows to include event specific material!

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With ISAACS & BAKER you don't just watch the show, you're a part of it. Never mean, never insulting. The people they bring up become instant celebrities. Their fast paced off the cuff show can be based entirely on the theme of your event or the vibe of the audience that night. The crowd give us the ideas and suggestions that we use on the spot, so there's no predicting the punch line and no show is the same twice! It's an evening filled with call backs and catch phrases that those in attendance will be using for months or years to come!

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"We judge acts by doors. A '10 Door' act would mean we had to open 10 doors during their show so people could leave. A '1 door' or '2 door' act would be signed immediately. You guys are a '0 door' act!"
- Woodloch Resorts

"Bringing Isaacs & Baker to Towson University was one of the best decisions made  by our Campus Activities Board this year.  Scott and Al energized and entertained the crowd by not only cracking them up, but by actually bringing them on stage and incorporating their suggestions into hilarious sketches!  Isaacs & Baker was sent from Comedy Heaven!  We couldn't have been happier with their performance and would definitely
book them again for upcoming events."
- Towson University

"I've  been in the biz full time since 1980 and I can not laugh any harder! Al and Scott are masters at improvisation!"
- Andy Scarpati owner of Comedy Cabaret

"These guys were perfect for our annual event. Just a great act."
- Clark Gillies of NY Islanders / Clark Gillies Foundation

"At the end of a long day of formal presentations, Isaacs & Baker re-energized the audience.  They
did a great job of adapting their act to fit the audience (accountant theme!) - just one laugh after another.  The entertainment balanced a great day of education and learning with some hysterical corporate fun."
- Bob Torella, MBA, AccountantsWorld

"The Best on Long Island"
- The Long Island Press